Our workshop has many years of experience and practice in the art

of stained glass. During studies at the faculty of Fine Arts of

the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in ToruĊ„ we had completed

a specialization in the following subjects:
stained glass design, stained glass making,
stained glass restoration, stained glass reconstruction.
Our works are made using the old technique as well as Tiffani technique.
We are a design studio, creating our own projects focused

on the taste and needs of our clients.
The scope of our works includes:

sacral stained-glasses, door stained-glasses,

window stained-glasses, furniture stained-glasses
division wall stained-glasses, stained glass mirrors, stained glass lamps.


about us
logo Stained Glass artistic studio of Jolanta and Adam Wuttke

From the establishment of our activity in 1985 we have made many stained glass works in sacral and secular buildings including works connected

with the restoration and reconstruction of the stained-glass items.
We also design and make paintings in stained glass technique.
Such kind of stained-glass is fitted in a wooden setting with a decorative frame, illuminated from inside. Painting in this technique, mounted on the wall, creates an extraordinary atmosphere in the interior.

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